PTFE Shrink Tubing Information

PTFE heat shrink tubing has outstanding electrical characteristics, excellent chemical and solvent resistance and has high purity and lubricity. Our Fluororpolymer heat shrink tubing can be manufactured to have recovered walls as thin as 0.002″.

When using heat shrink tubing of any kind, keep these in mind;

  • Make sure the area you are working in is well ventilated. Some materials can put off fumes during the heating process that may cause dizziness or nausea.
  • Make sure the material that is being covered by the shrink tubing can withstand the heat required to shrink the tubing. We offer both PTFE and FEP heat shrink tubing in various wall thicknesses and shrink rations to match your application. See the chart below for recovery temperatures.
  • The mandrel (material being covered by the shrink tubing) may act like a heat shrink. It is recommended, particularly for metal mandrels, that you preheat them.
  • You should allow for at least 20% recovery of the shrink tubing. Restricting the radial recovery can not only increase the chances for splitting, but can cause longitudinal change in the tubing.
  • Using ovens are the most reliable way to evenly apply heat and prevent over heating which can cause cracking or brittleness. If a heat gun will be used please refer to the instructions provided from the heat gun’s manufacturer.
Heat Shrink Recovery Temperatures
Marerial Recovery Temperature
PTFE 654°F to 670°F 346°C to 354°C
FEP (1″ or less) 400°F to 420°F 204°C to 216°F
FEP (1″ or greater) 420°F to 440°F 216°C to 227°C