PTFE Shrink Tubing Can Be Used to Make Certain Repairs

Certain types of repairs may be able to be resolved using PTFE shrink tubing. This type of tubing can be placed over different types of cables and wires, when protective coatings have become cracked or fallen off. Instead of having to replace the entire length of cable or wire, you just cut a section of the tubing, slide it over the location, apply heat, and it shrinks over the exposed area.

Use Custom Cut PTFE Shrink Tubing for Mass Production Processes

PTFE shrink tubing comes in standard lengths, as well as custom cut pieces to fit with your requirements and applications. Custom cut pieces are ideal when you will be using a large number of pieces for assembly processes. By obtaining your tubing in custom cut sections, you can have access to all of the sizes you require, in order to complete production.