Protect Cables and Wires from Chemical Corrosion by Using PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

You can help protect wires and cables from corrosion by applying PTFE heat shrink tubing to the outside. PTFE is chemically inert which means that it does not react or change properties when exposed to certain types of chemicals. Because your wires and cables are protected inside the tubing, they continue to provide the functionality required in chemically harsh environments.

Repair Exposed Electrical Wires with PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing 

Anytime the protective coating comes off of electrical wires, it creates a hazard. If the bare wire were to be exposed to water, accidently touched by bare hands or come into contact with another metal object accidents will occur. While you could replace the entire length of wire with brand new wire, this is not the most cost effective manner. Instead, PTFE heat shrink tubing is commonly used to make repairs to the existing wire in the areas where protective coating is missing.