Products Made from Nylon Include Nylon Tubing and Woven Nylon Mesh

There are a variety of materials which are made from nylon and used for all types of applications and purposes. You can find such products like nylon tubing, nylon hose fittings, nylon hose clamps, and woven nylon mesh. Nylon is ideally suited for specific kinds of environments. For example, nylon tubing is used for applications where solvents, greases, oils, petroleum products, fungi and molds might be present because of its resistance to these materials.

Use Woven Nylon Mesh with Different Opening Sizes for Multiple Stage Filtration 

One of the more common applications for woven nylon mesh is providing filtration for various fluids and liquids. The amount of filtration achieve does depend upon the size of the mesh openings. Filtration systems frequently utilize multiple stages in order to remove as many particles as possible. By using several stages in a filtration system, it helps to prevent the filter from quickly becoming clogged. At the first stage you could use mesh with large openings in order to remove large pieces of sediment and allow smaller particles to still pass through. At secondary stages, you would want to use mesh with smaller openings to remove these remaining particles.

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