Processes Used to Make Hypodermic Tube Make It Appear Seamless

The appearance of hypodermic tube appears as though it is seamless. However, the process to make this type of tubing starts with sheets of stainless steel. The stainless steel is rolled to create the tubes, welded together and then drawn, to create the desired gauge size. The process is similar for all wall thicknesses, with the only difference being the thickness of the stainless steel sheets used to create the tubes.

After Hypodermic Tube Is Made, Finishing Processes Are Used

After hypodermic tube has been manufactured, there are several finishing processes which are used. The tube is cut to standard and custom lengths, based on your requirements. The tube can also be bent, beveled, cleaned and deburred. In cases where the tubing will be used as part of a needle assembly, one end of the tube is finished with a blunt tip. The other end of the tube is attached to a hub, which is the polypropylene piece, and which screws onto the syringe.