Problems with Fluid Flow Rates Can be resolved by Using Thin Wall Stainless Tubing

Thin wall stainless tubing can be used in place of regular wall tubing to solve problems related to fluid flow rates. When you require a set amount of fluid to be delivered, in a set period of time, the size of the wall can be a factor. When the wall is thicker, fluid flow rates can be restricted, as the volume of fluid flowing through the tubing will be limited. By switching to a thinner wall, the volume of fluid can be increased without having to switch gauge sizes.

Thin Wall Stainless Tubing Has Non-Liquid Applications

Besides being used with liquids, thin wall stainless tubing can be used as a protective barrier. You can pass straightened wire, cable, or other types of wiring through the center of the tubing. This type of scenario is common when the tubing is used to create wire guide assemblies. Another situation where it can be beneficial is to add wall support in order to connect two ends of a wire, cable or other flexible part together.