Polyester Mesh Works Better for Autoclaving Due to Its Higher Softening Point

When you require mesh to be part of a tool or other apparatus, which you intend to autoclave, you will want to consider using polyester mesh. Polyester is designed to hold up better in hot water and steam than other types of mesh materials. This is partially due to the fact the softening point of polyester is around 220 degrees Celsius, or 428 degrees Fahrenheit.


Polyester Mesh Is Resistant to a Variety of Liquids and Gases


Polyester mesh provides resistance to an assortment of different types of liquids and gases. The level of resistance will depend upon the amount of saturation and the length of exposure to each type of material. For example, polyester stands up well when used with organic solvents, like those used in the dry cleaning industry, as long as they are not placed in extremely hot solutions, which could cause them to melt, if the softening point is exceeded.