Polyester Mesh Is More Acid Resistant Than Nylon Mesh

Polyester mesh is a plastic-like mesh which is better suited for extended use when submerged in water, rather than nylon mesh. While liquids and water can be passed through nylon, polyester has more acid resistance and will last longer, due to its properties. This type of mesh comes in different standard sheet sizes, or you can obtain it in custom-cut sizes to your specifications and applications.

Save Time by Using Custom Cutting Available with Polyester Mesh

One reason to consider having your polyester mesh custom cut is so that each piece is the same size. Cutting the mesh on your own requires you to have the time needed to carefully measure, mark and cut each piece. However, you can eliminate this time when you take advantage of our custom finishing processes. You will also be free to focus on the tasks at hand and not have to worry about having insufficient inventories of mesh available in the sizes you require.