Polyester Mesh Is Better Suited to Some Applications Due to Its Properties

The types of properties found in polyester mesh make it more suitable for certain applications than polypropylene or polyamide mesh. For instance, polyester has a higher softening point and melting point than the other two kinds of mesh. Polyester also provides better light and weather resistance when used in outdoor settings or locations which receive direct sunlight.

Polyester Mesh Is Designed for High Acidity Levels and Water Filtration Systems

You should consider using polyester mesh in water filtration systems. Polyester is able to stand up to wet conditions and water better than nylon mesh. While nylon mesh can also be used for water filtration systems, it has to be replaced more frequently than polyester. You should also consider using polyester in cases where you are working with liquids with high acidity levels or if the water being filtered contains high acid levels. Polyester is also more resistant to acids than nylon filter mesh.

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