Polyester Mesh and Nylon Mesh Might Look Identical but There Are Differences

While polyester mesh might look identical to nylon mesh there are a few differences between these two products. The major difference has to do with the types of materials used to construct and manufacture the mesh screening. Nylon is the key component used for nylon mesh and polyester is the key component used to make this kind of mesh screening. Both mesh products are designed to be used in a variety of environments and in certain cases may offer similar resistance qualities.

Polyester Mesh Holds Up Better in Certain Environments than Nylon Mesh

The types of fluids filter mesh functions well in is another difference between polyester mesh and nylon mesh. Polyester is a material which has the ability to hold up better when exposed to water and has a higher resistance to acids. One key benefit to using polyester in place of nylon for these environments is to help reduce the frequency of filter mesh replacement.  On the other hand, nylon offers better alkali resistance than polyester. Just make sure to check the general properties of both styles of mesh to select the one that will work best for your applications.