Other Terms Can Be Used to Refer to Blunt Needles

Blunt needles can be referred to as dispensing tips or dispensing needles in some industries. Regardless of what you call them, these types of needles have a blunt tip, which helps prevent accidently poking through different materials. In order to penetrate into a material with a blunt tip, a small amount of pressure is required. The pressure can be applied either manually, or by connecting the tips to machinery with robotic arms.

Some Processes Require the Use of Curved or Angled Blunt Needles

Some types of processes can call for blunt needles to be curved or angled in order to properly function. In a metering and mixing system, the needles are often curved, in order for them to properly fit into this type of system. The different angles and curves in the system are necessary in order to be able to move fluids from one area to another without any restrictions.

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