One Type of NiTinol Wire Used for Various Applications Is Super Elastic

There are differences between NiTinol wire, so it is important that you select the right kind for your projects and applications. One type available is called super elastic and provides the ability to recover to a specific diameter after being pulled and stretched. The super elasticity of the wire has a narrow temperature range between its original shape and the deformed shape to which it is stretched or pulled. In order to return the wire back to its original diameter, it has to reach its transformation temperature. Because this range is so narrow, there is often no heating required to cause the wire to return to its original diameter.

Super Elastic NiTinol Wire Can Be Used in Place of springs and for Switches

Super elastic NiTinol wire has a vast elasticity, greater than most types of metal springs, that can be up to 30 times greater. As a result, this wire works well within products and materials where springs are required. Due to the ability of the wire to be deformed through stretching, it is able to return back to its original shape once it reaches the transformation temperature. This kind of wire is also able to be used for switching mechanisms in different ways. For instance, the wire could be stretched and used to hold a pressure switch plate in place. Upon an increase in temperature, the wire returns back its original diameter, and, at the same time, releases the pressure plate switch. This is just a simple example of how the wire is able to be used, as there are numerous other ways, depending upon your exact applications, processes and requirements.

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