Obtain Nylon Mesh Screen Already Precut to the Desired Size and Shape

Certain types of products require nylon mesh screen to be attached during manufacturing processes. The screen needs to be precut to the specified sizes in order to keep production moving. Whenever you have to halt production in order to cut more screening, you are losing valuable time and affecting the productivity levels of your employees. Instead of paying them to assemble products, you are paying them to stand around and wait. However, this situation is easy to avoid by ordering large supplies of mesh screen, already precut to the desired sizes that fit your requirements, using our secondary finishing services. We are able to cut the mesh screen to the desired size and shape, such as oval, circle or square, as well as others, based upon your schematic and dimensions.

There Are Many Applications That Require Using Nylon Mesh Screen

Nylon mesh screen is used by a variety of industries for different purposes and applications, including laboratories, fuel and gas operations, mining operations, agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, hydroponics, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals. One of the most common applications is for filtration to remove particles and sediment from various fluids and liquids. But this is not the only application for nylon mesh. It can be custom cut to specific sizes and sewn into fertilizer bags. It has been also used as substrates for starting oysters, as plankton nets, and for separating early-stage lobster. Further, nylon mesh is used for air filtration applications, in manufacturing biopsy bags, and for flour sifting.