Nylon Mesh Screen Should Be Inspected on a Regular Basis

You will want to make sure to regularly inspect any nylon mesh screen you use in your facility. The screening can become clogged with dirt, debris and other materials that could impede its effectiveness. Dry air screens may be able to be cleaned, by spraying them off with water. Wet filter screens can be more difficult to clean, so it is often easier to replace them with new ones.

Check Nylon Mesh Screen with Smaller Openings More Often

The size of the openings in nylon mesh screen will determine how often you need to inspect it. When the screen has smaller mesh openings, you will want to check it on a more frequent basis. The smaller openings can become clogged faster than those with larger openings. Once the openings are clogged, they will not provide any filtration. This lack of filtration can place strain on the air or watery system where they are being used.

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