Nylon Mesh Screen Openings Are Often Given in Microns

In order to determine the size of mesh opening you require for your nylon mesh screen, you will need to convert it to microns. Microns are a unit of measure, and are sometimes called micrometers. They are recognized by a symbol that looks like a small letter “u”. Many people use inches to determine the mesh opening. This can easily be converted to microns when you know how to perform some simple computations, or you can use a conversion tool instead.

How to Convert Nylon Mesh Screen Openings from Inches to Microns

To convert nylon mesh screen openings from inches to microns, you start by taking the equivalent of a one inch measurement, which is 25,400 microns. Then, divide the micron amount by the appropriate inch measurement. For example, if you need an opening that is ¼ inches, you would divide 25,400 microns by 4. If you need a 1/8th opening, you divide 25,400 microns by 8. On the other hand, if you need a 1 ½ inch opening, you multiple 25,400 microns by 1.5 inches. We also have a conversion calculator available on our nylon mesh page that will convert microns and inches both ways.

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