Nylon Mesh Screen Needs to be inspected on a Regular Basis to Ensure Its Durability

The durability of nylon mesh screen depends upon the materials it is exposed to, as well as the environment where it is being used and the temperature levels. Because there are different factors which influence how long the mesh will last, it is always a good idea to perform regular inspections of all of your screening before beginning your operations. You need to look for signs of normal wear and tear, including fraying of the nylon, damaged or torn openings, and the amount of sediment, dirt, or other debris in the openings and on the screen.

Factors which have a direct effect on the condition of your mesh include light exposure, weather conditions, exposure to alkalis, acids, solvents, and abrasive substances, as well as the dryness and humidity present in the surrounding air. Not all of these factors may apply, depending on how you use mesh screening for your applications. For example, you might only use the mesh indoors in a controlled environment and only need to worry about the types of substances you use with the mesh.

In situations where the nylon mesh screen is used for filtration, you should still set regular maintenance and cleaning intervals. The frequency of your intervals does depend upon the kind of filtration system in use. Single stage filters require more regular inspections than multi-stage filters, because a single stage filter collects all particles, sediment and dirt, using one piece of mesh. In either type of system, the screen can be removed, cleaned, and replaced back into the filter, and then used until it shows signs of wear and tear.


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