Nylon Mesh Screen Is a Common Material Used in Filtration Systems

Achieving the desired filtration levels will depend upon the type of filtration methods used, as well as the types of filters. Most common methods use some sort of nylon mesh screen, or equivalent, for removing larger sediment and particulates from liquids. Once these have been removed, the liquid can be passed through smaller types of filters, as well as additional layers of mesh screening with smaller openings.


Keep Your Filter Media from Mixing Together by Using Nylon Mesh Screen


Another common use for nylon mesh screen is to act as a barrier between different media types. For example, you could have carbon, crushed shells, and small rocks, which provide different filtration functions. In order to prevent the media types from mixing together, you can place mesh screening around each media type, to form a bag, and layer it in between each area in the filtration system.

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