NiTinol Wire Has Two Related Properties Which Results in Two Kinds of Wire

There are two different kinds of NiTinol wire manufactured for different purposes. One type is shape memory, while the other one is super elasticity. The reason there are two types of NiTinol is because the metal alloy has these two similarly related properties. As a result you will find this wire used for a variety of applications and purposes in many different industries including medicine, toys, clothing, and for specialized parts and components.

Both Super Elastic and Shape Memory NiTinol Wire Can Be Returned to Its Original Shape

Shape memory NiTinol requires heating the wire above the necessary transformation temperature in order for it to return to its original shape after it has been transformed into a new shape. One the other hand, super elastic NiTinol wire is able to be transformed from one state to another state without the use of high levels of heat. Rather the wire can be returned to its original shape with low level or natural heat sources. For example, dentists use super elastic NiTinol for braces. The natural warmth of the mouth reacts with the wire and causes it to slowly transform back into its original shape. As a result of the wire transforming, teeth are also slowly moved and straightened

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