NiTinol Wire Can Be Used in Place of Other Types of Wire

Nickel titanium wire, or NiTinol wire, is used in devices which require a super elasticity and flexibility. NiTinol has the ability to transform from its resting shape into another shape and back again. For example, when this type of wire is being used in place of a steel spring, it can be stretched and stained up to eight times more, and still retain its original shape.

The Types of Devices Where You Will Find NiTinol Wire

The types of devices which will use NiTinol wire include prosthetics, stents, robotic actuators, wire mandrels, and mechanical switching devices. Prosthetics have several moving parts and components in order to simulate the functions of the body part they are replacing. The stress and strain of repeated movements would cause ordinary wiring and springs to wear out much faster than NiTinol. Since NiTinol provides better flexibility, while retaining its original shape, it is ideally suited for the repeated movements.

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