NiTinol Wire Can Be Used in Place of Normal Wire for Assembly Processes

During different assembly processes you may need to use springs and other types of wire. Using normal types of wire or springs for securing pieces together can be an issue, when you want a tight fit. However, you do not have to worry about damaging  or over-extending your springs and wires, when you use NiTinol wire. This type of wire can be made into springs and other types of wire connectors. If you bend it out of shape, you can get it to return to its normal shape by applying heat.

You Can Use Hot Water to Get NiTinol Wire to Return to Its Original Shape

If you accidently bend NiTinol wire out of shape, you do not have to throw it out and start over. Instead, you just need to get yourself some hot water to force the wire back into its original shape. You can either drop the wire into a container holding the hot water, or carefully pour it over the wiring. As the heat from the water transfers to the wiring, it causes it to change back into its original shape and size.

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