Many Different Industries Have Uses for Blunt Needles

Blunt needles are used in other industries and fields, in addition to medical applications. Industries, including automotive, electronics, henna art, food production, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing, all have their own purposes for using these kinds of needles in the workplace. They can be used to control the delivery of fluids, water, liquids, and viscous materials in the desired amounts. By attaching the needles to syringes, or bottles with measurement lines, organizations are able to control production costs and reduce waste expenses. Additionally, they are able to be attached to certain types of automated machinery where the equipment measures and controls the delivery amount.

For example, applying adhesives to different parts during a production process requires the precise amount is used. Using too little can result in the parts falling apart, later on. On the other hand, using too much adhesive could damage surrounding parts or components and prevent the product from performing as expected. In either case, quality of the finished good would not meet standards, and either has to be taken apart, or end up as waste.

In addition to the standard lengths available in blunt needles, you are also able to utilize secondary finishing operations to have needles custom finished to fit your own requirements. Customizations might include cutting hypodermic tubing to a longer length, having it deburred and cleaned, and then attaching it to polypropylene Luer hubs. You may also require a specific curvature or angled degree applied to the tubing in order to create needles used for accessing hard to reach areas.


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