Manufacturing a Blunt Needle Requires Several Components

There are several different components needed to manufacture a blunt needle. First, you will need the right type of hypodermic tubing in the correct gauge. Once you have the tubing, you will need to have it cut to the desired length. You will want to make sure that you include an overlap on the tubing, where it will be attached to a polypropylene luer hub. There are specific processes for attaching the needle into the hub, as well as others required to finish production of the needles. Since these processes require the right type of manufacturing and assembly equipment, most organizations order their needles already assembled.


Ordering a Blunt Needle Lab Kit to Get an Assortment of Sizes and Lengths


Securing a blunt needle lab kit is a good way to obtain a variety of different sizes and lengths. The types of needles contained in the kit will vary from one kit to another. When you have specific size and length requirements, you can see about having a customized kit created for your organization. Reordering processes include ordering full kits or only reordering the needle sizes needed to restock your kit.

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