Laboratories use Woven Nylon Mesh for Performing Tests and Experiments

Conducting experiments and performing lab tests can require the use of woven nylon mesh. This type of mesh allows particulates to be captured and removed from liquids at different testing stages. The size of the mesh openings does influence the amount and size of particles that will be removed from fluids. You may need to use multiple sizes of nylon mesh in order to achieve the desired filtration results.

Biopsy Bags Are Manufactured from Woven Nylon Mesh

Woven nylon mesh is used to manufacture mesh nylon biopsy bags. Biopsy bags come in different sizes and are used to contain specimens. The bags help to reduce the risk of loss after collection. Once the specimen is placed inside the mesh bag, it can be processed and tested as required. Once testing is complete you can reopen the bag for specimen removal for further examination, testing and diagnosis.

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