Laboratories Use Nylon Mesh Screen for Research and Experiments

Laboratory research and experiments frequently use nylon mesh screen for a variety of purposes. This type of screen can be used for filtration and separation to remove larger particles from liquids. The amount of filtration and separation required is able to be increased by using several different sizes of mesh openings in a multistage filtration setup. Mesh screen is also used for insect research to keep insects contained during their study.

Different Ways to Use Nylon Mesh Screen in Filtration Systems

In filtration systems nylon mesh screen can be used in different methods. You could use the mesh to capture sediment and particles as water or other fluids are passed through the openings in the screen. You might also create bags using the mesh for putting other kinds of filter media in, like carbon, bio-balls or small rocks. Using the mesh screen in this manner allows fluid to pass over your media while keeping it contained in its desired location in your filter system.


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