We posted a customer question not long ago concerning some shrink tubing. In my conversation with the customer, I realized he was not using the tubing for its typical application. We love that we supply material to people who aren’t afraid to try new things. But sometimes that means that we simply don’t have the answer. Sometimes it just has to be tested. Sometimes it just isn’t going to work. Like, at all.

We have a hashtag that we use on social media when sharing the new ideas we’ve been working on with customers. #ItDidntBreak. We laugh because it’s not uncommon to hear the words “Well, that broke” or “I guess that was bad idea” coming out of our shop. In the case of the shrink tubing customer, I had to tell him that he was just going to have to test it and see what happens. While we want everyone to be safe while they are working, we still want to encourage people to keep testing, researching and developing. Keep asking us questions and we will keep trying to find answers for you.  Or, at least, keep breaking things in the process.