Industrial Blunt Needles Do Not Have to Be Sterilized

The blunt needles used for industrial applications do not have to be sterile, but only clean. This is because the needles are not being used on people, but rather for other industrial processes. The needles are used to deliver greases and lubricants in the desired location during manufacturing and assembly procedures. These kinds of needles are also used to apply glues and adhesives to various parts and components in the correct amounts. Because the needles can be attached to a syringe, bottle or automated delivery system, it is easy to measure, regulate and control the amount of fluid being used in each location on your products. As a result, you are able to ensure product quality of your finished goods while at the same time cutting down on your waste.

Both Customized and Standard Blunt Needles Are Available

Blunt needles are available in standard sizes and lengths to fit with most types of applications. The needles are also offered in lab kit assortments featuring a wide selection of some of the most-used sizes. In addition to these two options for obtaining your needles, you are able to take advantage of our secondary finishing services to have needles customized to your own specifications. For instance, you could require a needle to be cut to a specific length, like cutting it to two or three inches. You might also want to have the needle bent at a custom angle. Other finishing options we supply include creating curved dispensing needles and PTFE dispensing tips.  You may even combine custom finishing options for your unique requirements.

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