Increase Fluid Flow Rate by Changing to Thin Wall Stainless Tubing

When you are having problems with fluid flow control using stainless steel tubing, you may need to use a different wall size. By changing the size of the wall, you can control the amount of fluid which passes through the tubing. For example, switching to thin wall stainless tubing, from regular wall, will increase the fluid flow rate, as more fluid will be able to pass through the tubing.

Use Thin Wall Stainless Tubing for Thicker Fluids and Liquids

Some types of liquids and fluids can be thicker, which means they will flow at lower rates. For instance, blood has a clotting ability, and it can flow slowly, like during a blood draw. If it were to start to clot within the tubing, it could cause a blockage and stop it from flowing. In this situation, this would present a problem, which might be able to be overcome by using thin wall stainless tubing.

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