Hypodermic Tubing Is Used to Make All Different Types of Needles

Hypodermic tubing is the stainless steel portion you find attached to most needles. It does not matter whether the needles are used for drawing blood, administering injections or dispending epoxy. Each of these types of needles can be made from hypodermic stainless steel tubing. The difference is often in the length and size of the tubing and how it is cut. Some cuts result in blunt tipped needles, while others will result in sharp tipped needles.

Experiment with Hypodermic Tubing to Find the Gauge Size You Need

The type of hypodermic tubing you require will depend on the types of applications and functions you intend to perform with the tubing. For instance, if you are using the tubing to apply liquids to different parts during a production process, then you will need tubing which can accommodate the correct flow rates of the fluids. You may need to experiment with different gauges of tubing, until you find the one that will handle the desired fluid flow rates.

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