Hypodermic Tubing Can Be Used as a Water Line

Most people might be familiar with hypodermic tubing be used as part of a needle assembly. However, there are also other useful applications for this type of tubing. For instance, you can use this tubing as a water line, connected to different types of devices, much like your dentist uses. In order to connect the tubing together in sections or to another device, there are adaptors which are required in order to make a secure connection.

Hypodermic Tubing Gauges Do Not Change When Wall Sizes Change

It is common knowledge that hypodermic tubing comes in different lengths and sizes. What some people may not know, though, is this type of tubing also is available in different wall sizes. Wall sizes refers to the size of the inside diameter opening in the tubing. It is important to understand that, while the wall size can change, the gauge size does not change.

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