How to Calculate the Wall Thickness Measurement of Hypodermic Tubing

You are able to determine the measurement of the wall thickness of hypodermic tubing by taking the outside diameter and subtracting it from the inside diameter. For example, if you have a piece of 10 gauge regular wall tubing with an outside diameter of 0.133 inches, and an inside diameter of 0.104 inches, the actual wall thickness of the tubing would be 0.029 inches. You can also use this calculation to determine the variances between wall thicknesses when evaluating both regular wall and thin wall tubing. A piece of 10 gauge thin wall tubing, with an outside diameter of 0.133 inches and an inside diameter of 0.112 inches, has a wall thickness of 0.021inches. So, it is easy to see the thin wall tubing has a wall thickness 0.008 inches thinner than regular wall 10 gauge tubing.

Keep Hypodermic Tubing Clean and Organized by Storing It in Plastic Containers

In order to keep your hypodermic tubing clean, it is important to store it in the proper manner. One method is to place the tubing inside clear plastic containers with a lid, as this helps prevent dust, dirt and debris from getting on and in the tubing. Further, keeping your tubing in plastic storage containers makes it easier to sort it by gauge size, wall size and length. On the outside of each container, you can place a label containing this information which enables you to keep all of your tubing well organized. You are also able to have better inventory control over the various sizes of tubing you use and ensure you always have stock on hand and available for your applications.