High Temperature Fluids Can Be Pumped Through PTFE Tubing

One application for PTFE tubing is to use for pumping high temperature fluids and lubricants through machinery. Since its melting point is over 600 degree Fahrenheit, the tubing will not melt as temperatures for most kinds of machinery and the fluids being pumped through the tubing are well below this level. This type of tubing is also suited for pumping fluids in cold environments as it protects fluids from freezing.

Chemical and Laboratory Industries Use PTFE Tubing for Research and Experiments

PTFE tubing is chemically inert which makes it suited for using in laboratory and chemical research and experiments. Different types of acids, bases, organic compounds and other fluids can be passed through the tubing without risk of the tubing failing. This kind of tubing is frequently used in place of glass because of its much larger working temperature range. Using this tubing also removes the risks associated when working with glass in extremely hot or cold processes.