Get Faster Fluid Flow Rates with Thin Wall Stainless Steel Tubing

Thin wall stainless steel tubing allows for a faster flow rate of fluids than regular wall stainless steel tubing. The reason you obtain a faster flow rate is because the inside diameter on the stainless steel tubing is larger in thin wall than in regular wall. Faster flow rates are required for a number of medical, aerospace or industrial applications.

Store Thin Wall Stainless Steel Tubing Separate from Other Types of Tubing

You should make sure you clearly mark the storage locations of different wall sizes of stainless steel tubing. You should have one location for storing thin wall stainless steel tubing, another for regular wall and a third for extra thin wall. Within each storage location, you will also want to sort the stainless steel tubing by the gauge sizes. By properly sorting your tubing, you will make sure to always get the correct wall size and gauge. Round plastic tubing is a great way to organize and safely store both hypodermic tubing and wire.

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