Get Custom Thin Wall Stainless Tubing by Using Finishing Processes

Thin wall stainless tubing can have finishing process applied in order to cut, bevel, deburr and clean the tubing. This type of tubing is also able to be cut to length and turned into blunt needle assemblies for use in manufacturing and laboratory processes. You may even require a combination of these various finishing processes, such as having blunt needles assemblies created using custom cut lengths of tubing in various gauges.

Thin Wall Stainless Tubing Has a Larger Inner Diameter than Regular Wall Tubing 

Several industries use thin wall stainless tubing as a means to increase the fluid flow rates of certain materials. Since the interior diameter opening in the tubing is slightly larger than regular wall stainless tubing, it allows fluids to pass through the interior at a faster rate. For example, when working with a thick lubricant or adhesive, this increase can be the difference between the materials becoming clogged or having it flow correctly out of the tubing.

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