Food Industries Use Nylon Mesh Screen for Both Liquid and Dry Products

How you use nylon mesh screen depends upon your industry. Some industries use this type of screen for multiple applications and purposes. For example, in the food production industry, mesh screen is utilized for both liquid and dry food product. It can be used to collect pulp and seeds from freshly squeezed juices or vegetable purees. It may also be used to sift flour and other dry ingredients. In addition, it could be used as part of a water purification system, prior to adding water to canned goods or bottling water. The size of the mesh openings in the screen will vary, based upon the intended purpose. In some applications and processes, multiple mesh screens might be used at different stages to improve product quality.

Convert Nylon Mesh Screen from Inches to Microns Using an Online Tool

The size of nylon mesh screen openings is based upon microns. As the micron measurement becomes smaller, so do the openings. Sometimes, you might know the size opening you require using inches. However, you will have to convert your measurement from inches to microns to guarantee you order the right size screening. Rather than having to perform complex mathematical computations using various formulas, you are able to find an easy to use tool available on our website. This tool allows you to convert from inches to microns, or microns to inches. You may also contact us directly to discuss your specific project requirements and to obtain help in receiving the right size screening.


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