Fluid Filtration Is a Common Use for Nylon Mesh Screens

One of the more common uses of nylon mesh screens is for fluid filtration. As liquids pass through the mesh screens particles of various sizes are removed from the fluid to make it as pure as possible. The amount of particle removal is dependent upon the actual size of the mesh openings and other processes used during filtration. It is possible to use multiple mesh screens at several stages where openings become smaller and smaller to increase the rate of particle remove from the liquid.

Inspect and Replace Nylon Mesh Screens to Maintain Desired Filtration Levels

Over time and exposure to various types of fluids it is often necessary to replace your nylon mesh screens. This is because certain kinds of chemicals, acids, and other liquids can cause the mesh materials to break down. While the screen might look intact, you may discover from closer inspection certain areas where the openings are no longer held securely together. As fluids pass through these sections the mesh will fail to properly stop particles from flowing through the screen. By inspecting screens on a regular basis you are able to replace them as needed and are able to maintain your desired filtration levels.

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