Fluid Applications May be Manually Applied by Using Plastic Bottles with Blunt Needles

Blunt needles are used in a variety of industries and environments for all sorts of purposes. These types of needles can be attached to plastic bottles containing glues, adhesives, and lubricants, as well as other liquids for manual applications. Bottles may contain measurement marks on the outside or be a specific size in order to ensure and maintain quality control.

Kits Allow Organizations Access to an Assortment of Different Sizes of Blunt Needles 

Lab kits are a common way for various organizations to obtain a wide assortment of the blunt needles they use the most. When the needles are contained in a kit, it makes it easier to keep track of stock inventories and know whenever it is time to reorder specific sizes. In cases where you use more of a few sizes, you could order these in larger individual quantities outside of a kit. Another option you might utilize is to have your kits customized to match your own individual requirements and needs.

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