Fix Broken Tubing by Using Heat Shrink PTFE Tubing

Making repairs to broken tubing is not a problem when you use PTFE tubing. Instead of having to replace the entire tube with a brand new one, you can use PTFE tube to cover the location where the tubing is cracked or broken. Upon heating the PTFE tube, it will shrink and make a seal over the section that is damaged.

Match the Wall Size of PTFE Tubing for the Best Fit

Picking out the type of PTFE tubing you require will depend on where you need to use it. There are different wall sizes available, which means the outer diameter of the tubing can vary. You should match the correct wall size in order to get the best fit, once you heat shrink the tubing. Using the wrong wall size could result in the tubing not completely shrinking, or restricting the shrink tubing which can affect the recovered wall.

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