Filtration and Drying Screens Are Two Uses for Polyester Mesh

Polyester mesh screening is used for a variety of purposes and applications, depending upon the industry. For instance, the mesh screen can be attached to a frame and used as a drying mechanism for products and materials. The openings in the mesh screen allow for air to flow all around the materials and ensure they dry evenly. Another use for the mesh screen in the food industry is to use it as a filter in the production of fruit and vegetable juices. The screening acts as a barrier to remove pulp, seeds, and skins from the pressed fruit or vegetables, while allowing the juice to pass through the screen. Other food industry applications for this kind of mesh include using it to sift flour and in processing refined sugars.

Polyester Mesh Is Used for Industrial and Research Applications

Polyester mesh has many features which are beneficial for industrial and research applications. This type of mesh provides decent abrasion and corrosion resistance, has a high tensile strength, and performs well when exposed to wet environments. In addition to being used for filtration and as drying screens, this mesh can be custom cut and sewn into mesh bags. The mesh bags are used where different materials are placed inside in order to control their release over an extended period of time, like for releasing fertilizers used in agricultural applications. Laboratory and research facilities occasionally use this kind of mesh as containment for insect studies, as air is able to flow through the openings while keeping test subjects enclosed in the desired locations.