FEP Shrink Tubing May Expand in Length as It Shrinks

When working with FEP shrink tubing, you need to remember that the tubing can expand as it shrinks. For this reason, you want to make sure you cut the FEP tubing to the correct length. Leaving a slight overlap on both ends where the tubing is going to be applied does not have to be excessive. For instance, if you are repairing a three inch section with the tubing, you might only need to use a three inch section of FEP tubing, because it may provide sufficient overlapping once it is shrunk and expands in length. Prior to applying the shrink tubing on a large scale, it is worth your time to experiment to determine the best size to use, and make adjustments to fit your requirements and specifications.

Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Applications Use FEP Shrink Tubing

FEP shrink tubing is used for a variety of pharmaceutical and laboratory processes and applications. Just like PTFE shrink tubing, FEP is chemically inert and provides high lubricity. However FEP has a much lower shrinkage temperature, so it is better suited for situations and applications where mid-range temperatures are in use. Further, FEP tubing is able to be autoclaved, using gas or steam processes, when required. FEP tubing is available in a variety of diameter sizes and is offered in standard four foot sections. However, for businesses that do not want to have to cut their tubing to frequently used lengths, they may take advantage of our secondary finishing processes to order the desired quantities of tubing already custom cut to the desired lengths.

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