FEP Shrink Tubing Is Just One of Several Options for Heat Shrink Tubing

When you are looking at heat shrink tubing, you have several different options of tubing available. You can look at PTFE tubing with different heat shrink ratios and wall thicknesses, or FEP shrink tubing which a lower recovery temperature than PTFE. You can even look at combination PTFE-FEP shrink melt tubing, which has PTFE on the outside layer and FEP on the inside layer.

Prepare Materials before Applying FEP Shrink Tubing

Before applying FEP shrink tubing, you will want to properly prepare the material being covered. You should wipe off any dirt and dust from the surface area and make sure it is completely dry. Applying heat shrink tubing to dirty or wet materials can result in the tubing not shrinking correctly or forming a tight bond around the material.

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