FEP Shrink Tubing Has Similar Benefits like PTFE Shrink Tubing

FEP shrink tubing provides many of the similar benefits of PTFE heat shrink tubing. FEP offers corrosion resistance, electrical and moisture insulation, flexibility, optical clarity, and lubricity just like PTFE. The primary difference between these two types of shrink tubing is the shrink temperatures. FEP has a much lower shrink temperature so it is better suited for applications which cannot withstand the higher shrink temperatures required with PTFE.

Use Diameter Measurements to Help Select FEP Shrink Tubing

When selecting FEP shrink tubing you need to determine the proper size to order. One way to figure this out is to measure the diameter of the material where you are placing the shrink tubing. For example, if it is used to secure a bundle of wires, you need to consider the combined diameters of each wire in the bundle. This measurement lets you know the size of tubing required, but it will be the shrunken state. So you should use the recovered inner diameter measurement provided as part of the details for each size of tubing and work backwards to select the correct size.

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