DuPont® Developed Teflon® Heat Shrink Tubing

Teflon® heat shrink tubing was developed by DuPont®. It is a synthetic material derived from a fluoropolymer called polytertafluoroethylene, useful for a wide variety of applications and purposes. You may have also heard of this type of tubing being called PTFE, which is simply the abbreviation of polytertafluoroethylene.

Teflon® has high heat resistances, which makes it suited for use in a variety of forms, ranging from coatings to cookware, to being used as regular tubing, as well as heat shrink tubing. Because it is a widely used material, it is vital you verify the type of tubing you order is exactly what you require. Sometimes people accidently order regular PTFE tubing in place of heat shrink. Regular PTFE does not shrink, and retains its original shape and diameter. It is beneficial for use in guide wire assemblies, fluid delivery and other such applications.

Many of the same benefits found in other forms of PTFE also apply to heat shrink tubing and include:


  • Lubricity
  • High durability and strength
  • Electrical insulating properties
  • Solvent resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Shock resistance
  • Ability to withstand temperatures in harsh environments
  • Creation of a sealed barrier against water, moisture and other liquids

In addition to being offered as a single form heat shrink tube solution, PTFE is also available in a special type of shrink-melt tubing. This unique kind of tubing uses PTFE on the outer layer, and FEP in the inner layer. As the tubing is heated up, the inner layer of FEP melts and creates an additional seal around the objects where it is being applied, while the PTFE shrinks and creates its barrier of protection.


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