Do Not Confuse PTFE Tubing with PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

PTFE tubing is not the same thing as PTFE heat shrink tubing. Some people get these two products confused and assume they are one and the same. However, there are differences between the two products. Heat shrink tubing is a special type of tubing which shrinks down in size when heat is applied. Regular Teflon tubing is round and solid and does not shrink when heat is applied. Both types have useful applications in a variety of industries.

PTFE Tubing Can Be Used for a Variety of Applications

PTFE tubing can be used in place of other types of insulating materials because of its high heat resistance. It can be used to provide insulation for electrical wiring used on products and materials manufactured in electrical and medical device industries. Teflon tubing is also ideal for situations which require low friction or have biocompatibility requirements.