Different Wall Sizes Are Offered on 2:1 PTFE Shrink Tubing

PTFE shrink tubing with a 2 to 1 ratio is available is different wall sizes. You can choose from standard wall, thin wall and light wall, depending upon your needs and requirements. For example, with AGW size 20, the minimum expanded inner diameter is 0.060 inches and the recovered inner diameter is 0.039 inches for all three wall sizes. However, the thickness of the recovered wall will vary, with regular wall being 0.016 inches, thin wall being 0.010 inches, and light wall being 0.006 inches, plus or minus 0.003 inches.

Recovered Wall Sizes of PTFE Shrink Tubing Are Less If They Are Restricted 

The recovered wall size of PTFE shrink tubing can be less if the tubing is restricted in some manner during shrinkage. This is true regardless of whether you use standard wall, thin wall or light wall tubing. One cause for restrictions in the recovered wall size is when the tubing is placed around wire that has a larger diameter than the recovered wall diameter.