Different Industrial Applications Use Straightened Wire

Straightened wire is used in different industrial applications for a variety of purposes. This type of wiring can be inserted through different gauges of hypodermic tubing. The outside tubing provides a protective covering for the wire to keep it from being bent or broken. This type of setup can be used when you are using the wiring in a type of push-pull mechanism. You can prevent the wires from rubbing against one another since they will be contained within the hypodermic tubing.

Straightened Wire Can Be Used to Make Soft-Walled Tubes Firm

It can be difficult securing a tight connection when you are using a soft-walled tube. The tube can bend and twist and not line up correctly in the area where you need to make a connection. You can use straightened wire by inserting it through the tube to help keep the wall firm. This will allows you to make the secure connection with the tubing. You can then remove the wire afterwards.