Determine the Correct Size of PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing by Performing Tests

Deciding which size of PTFE heat shrink tubing will be suited for your applications may require some prior testing. By testing different sizes you are able to determine the ones that work best. You can often request small samples of various sizes in order to conduct your testing. Once your testing is completed you are able to order larger quantities of the desired size for your business.

You Can Order PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing in Standard and Custom Lengths

You can order PTFE heat shrink tubing for your business in standard four foot lengths whenever you cut your tubing to length yourself. Another option which will save you time is to order your heat shrink tubing already custom cut to the lengths you require. You are also able to use a combination of both of these ordering options in situations where you desire customized cuts and standard lengths for specific applications and purposes.