Determine Required Inventories of Thin Wall Stainless Tubing

You can make an inventory list of your current stock of thin wall stainless tubing and determine the sizes you use the most frequently. You should calculate the correct number of each size to have in inventory and at what level to reorder more. By keeping a steady supply of thin wall tubing in different sizes on hand you will never run out. The sizes listed on our webpage are standard, stock, items for us. So even if you do run out we should have them ready to ship.

The Types of Thin Wall Stainless Tubing Required Depends Upon the Industry

The kind of business industry does determine the types of thin wall stainless tubing needed. For example, hospitals, doctors’ offices and other healthcare operations will often use this tubing as part of needle assembles. In order to have a varied assortment of sizes it is best to order the tubing in lab kits. You may also use the tubing for other applications, which requires using different sizes and lengths, such as for wire guide assemblies.

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