Cut FEP Shrink Tubing with an Overlap for Making Repairs

FEP shrink tubing is offered in standard four foot lengths. Prior to using the tubing, you need to cut it to the desired length for the area to which it is going to be applied. Before cutting the tubing, you should measure the location to determine the exact size required. For instance, you may be using the tubing to make a repair to the protective coating on an electric wire. If the area where the coating is cracked or missing is four inches, you would want to cut your FEP tubing to a length of six inches. By cutting the tubing slightly larger, it will create overlap at each end of the damaged location on the wire and help to ensure the wire is properly resealed. In situations where you use a specific length of tubing on a regular basis, you might want to consider ordering large quantities already custom cut to your desired sizes.

FEP Shrink Tubing Is Suited for Most Types of Applications and Environments

You can use FEP shrink tubing for a variety of applications and purposes in locations where extreme heat is not an issue. You are able to use this tubing just like other kinds of heat shrink tubing for wire splicing, electrical insulation, moisture and corrosion protection and bundling of wires and cables. FEP has a shrinkage temperature around 420 degrees Fahrenheit, plus or minus 20 degrees. This makes FEP tubing suited for environments where temperatures do not exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In cases where temperatures exceed this amount, you will want to use PTFE heat shrink tubing, instead, because it has a much higher shrinkage temperature.

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