Custom Tubing Is Manufactured Using NiTinol Wire

You could custom manufacturer your own tubing using NiTinol wire when you require a specific inside diameter. The type of tubing you can make includes intravenous catheter, multi-lumen or catheter tubing. Starting with the wire in its original size and shape, you coat the wire with the tubing material you are using. Just make sure to leave a small section of exposed wire at both ends. Once the material has had time to harden and fully cure, you can remove the wire by pulling on both ends and decreasing the diameter of the wire. Since the wire is now smaller than the original diameter, it will slide out of the tubing you just made. You do not have to discard the wire because it is able to be reused again, simply by heating it to the correct temperature to return it back to its original length and diameter.
NiTinol Wire Is Used as a Switch in Some Products and Devices

You can also use NiTinol wire as a switch in certain types of devices and products. For instance, the wire could be used to engage a cooling fan when temperatures are comparable to the temperatures needed to return the wire to its original shape and size. The wire is able to be stretched out and made longer and thinner. In this state, the wire might be secured in a manner where it is depressing and holding a switch or button in place. As the temperatures increase and reach the level needed to transform the wire, the wire will start to shrink back to its original shape and become shorter. Because the wire is now shorter, it is no longer able to hold the switch or button in place, and releases it, engaging the cooling fan.

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