Create Solid Encapsulation by Using PTFE Shrink Tubing with an Inner Layer of FEP Shrink Tubing

For certain applications you might need to use PTFE shrink tubing has an inner layer of FEP shrink tubing. The reason for using this type of dual layered heat shrink tubing is for situation where you require an almost solid encapsulation around the location where the tubing is being applied. As the PTFE tubing shrinks the inner layer of FEP tubing melts. Once the tubing fully cools the inner layer becomes solid. The dual layer tubing is well suited for applications where stress from vibrations and pulling can be severe.

Many Different Industries Use PTFE Shrink Tubing for Their Applications

PTFE shrink tubing is used for a variety of applications in many different industries. For instance, this type of tubing is used to manufacture wire harness assemblies used in the automotive industry. Because the tubing has a high heat tolerance it can be used to cover wiring and cables used in close proximity to the engines in vehicles. The tubing creates a protective barrier around the wiring and cables to prevent them from being damaged from exposure to high heat levels, as well as moisture.